What are the best SEO tools for blogging?

Is your blog not getting enough visibility even after using every other digital marketing strategy? To rank higher in the SERPs, you need to deeply analyze the right words and phrases. Next, you need to amend these keywords organically into your bog with zero stuffing. This way, Google will index your blog faster, and you can easily get your place in the top 10 searches on Google. Next, you also need to analyze your website SEO and optimize it to the best score to gain more visibility.

All of this may already sound daunting to you. Nonetheless, with the right SEO tools, you can easily ace the entire process and have a way to the top search results. On that note, we have a long list of the best SEO tools(free and paid) for bloggers that you should try today. So, here are some best SEO tools for blogging. Let’s jump right into it.


Be it a newbie or a seasoned writer. SEMrush is one of the best all-rounder SEO tools you can get your hands on. SEMrush comes with everything you can ask for as a blogger, such as a Backlink analysis for your site and your competitor’s site keyword research, content explorer to analyze the performance of your existing content, ranking history to track your domain rank, find broken links for more backlinking opportunities and so much more. You can explore new competitors and understand the changing trends to stay ahead in the competition.

SEMrush has a combined database from both google and bing, ensuring high-quality keyword research. If you want to finally take your blogging to a professional level, you can start with the semrush free plan and transition to the paid plans as you proceed.

Price: Starts at $119.95/month.

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If you are looking for rich snippets for your SEO traffic, Serpstat is your best shot. The Serpstat keyword research tools are great for identifying the hidden gems, which are incredibly powerful for ranking your blogs on the search engine result pages. You can find the

It also offers a thorough automatic analysis of every website, right from the long-lost backlinks to the least competitive keywords. Some of the highly important features you should try out in Serpstat include but are not limited to Position tracking to identify how well your keywords are ranking, competitor analysis, website, and domain analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracker, keyword research tool, etc.

Price: Starts at $55/mo.

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SEO crawler

The SEO crawler is designed mostly for improving the on-page SEO for bloggers. With the right tags, the right experience, and website speed, your blog can get a lot of recognition from google and help in attracting more traction.

Starting from building a structure, producing content, to analyzing data. The SEO crawler does all the job for you. Some of the brightest points include the Site Auditor function, which can automatically identify any technical issues with your website like broken links, missing tags, etc., that is holding your blog back from getting the deserved traction.

If you are looking for some really good free SEO tools, the SEO crawler free version can be highly beneficial in starting your on-page SEO journey.

Price: Free

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Moz Keyword Explorer

After you are sorted with your on-page SEO next, you need to focus on the planning strategy. With the Moz keyword explorer tool, you can find relevant keywords as per your buyer persona, resulting in targeted keyword research. Such keywords are hard to find and perfect for targeting a specific set of audiences.

At the end of the day, the primary purpose of content marketing is to create content as per your buyer’s needs and demands. Now, with the best keyword research tool like Moz Keyword Explorer, you can easily find the right keywords and predict your blog’s performance. With the free version, you can do about 10 searches per month. However, switching to the Pro version gives you more searches with additional features.

Price: Starts at $99/month.

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Yoast SEO

Did you know that your content quality also plays a significant role in your rankings on the SERPs apart from the right set of keywords?

Yes. Google tends to value unique, relevant, and well-structured content more with a combination of posts, videos, images, etc.

If your blog hosting platform is WordPress, Yoast is a tremendous SEO tool plugin you can use for writing and publishing quality content online.

With the Yoast SEO premium, not only can you create attractive content, but you can also check for keyword usage, possible variations, readability, internal linking, and what not.

All of this will generously boost your content indexation and an opportunity for google to rank your blog higher. Even though the free version does come with many features, the Pro version is your best choice since the ROI is definitely higher.

Price: $89

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Answer the Public

If you notice closely, you will witness most people usually search for their requirements as questions in the Google search engine. Now, to leverage this, bloggers tend to add questions in the form of meta descriptions and main content to rank higher.

With Answer the Public, you can also find about 200 relevant questions to your niche within a few seconds. Such questions are commonly asked by your audience and are extracted from different sources like blogs, forums, social media, etc. Overall, this free SEO tool should be a compulsory addition to your blogging routine to never miss out on such minute details.

Price: Free

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Once you are done with curating the right content and with the keywords, it is time to frame the blog title. As simple as it may sound, your blog title can make or break all your SEO efforts.

Hence, don’t risk and rely on professionals like BuzzSumo. This SEO tool will help refine your efforts even further by making the process a level higher. Buzzsumo helps to brainstorm the viable keyword-based topics and the type of highly shared content on social media. You can find the trending topics on Facebook, Twitter, interest, Reddit, and other platforms. All of this, paired with engagements, backlinks, number of shares, etc., will help create the most efficient blog titles that will quickly move your blog rank higher in no time!

Price: Starts at $99/month.

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Google Search Console

Another powerful free SEO tool comes from the world’s largest search engine and is valued by every SEO professional.

It offers multiple features like tracking relevant data from blogs, find errors, and faster indexing.

It can also help detect any unwanted links to your blog, which may drop your ranking along with search queries that most people tend to search on the google search engine.

Price: Free

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Stage Analyzer

Starting from keyword research to analyzing your website’s overall performance. The Stage Analyser does it all for you. It is one of the complete SEO tools for bloggers on the internet.

Some of the functions of Stage Analyzer includes,

  • SEO tips and optimizations
  • Traffic estimate
  • Technology diagnosis
  • Alexa rank
  • Server information

And so much more…

You can also analyze our competitors and tweak their tactics in your strategies to outshine them in the competitive environment.

Price: Free

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WooRank can offer you many important insights about your website in just a few seconds. You can start by adding your website URL on the search bar, and you will then be exposed to an overall SEO score and an overall website analysis.

Not only does it give you a detailed report of your website, but it also helps you to find any problems in the website and remedies to fix them.

In addition to that, it also offers you social media analytics which will be highly helpful in analyzing the performance of your social media strategies. You can find the most liked and shared content across different social media channels and easily figure out the right type of content that works best to gain more visitors to your blog.

Price: $79.99/month

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Final Words

There are limitless SEO tools available on the internet. The ones listed above are highly beneficial for both newbies and the veteran bloggers out there. All of these tools are budget-friendly and beginner-friendly. These SEO tools not only help you with your keyword research and finding the LSI keywords it also helps you with organizing and curating an optimized website for your visitors.

As we said, Google tends to give more value to websites that are all rounder. With an intuitive user interface, these SEO tools can bring you valuable insights on everything you need to improve your blog’s SEO and rank it within the top pages of the search engines. Thus, what’s stopping you now from getting the traction you worked hard for? Choose the most suitable SEO tools from the list and kickstart your blogging journey with full potential!

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