The Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram.

Everyone wants to earn money easily. Here I am going to share, how you can earn money from Instagram easily. If you don’t want to build a website or don’t want to promote any product or don’t want to create videos, even if you don’t want to go on camera. Don’t worry. You can also earn money from Instagram. This strategy that I am going to share with you will work from any country. yes, you can also earn money from Instagram on mobile.

After reading this text, you will have no greater excuses to start running from your mobile. I’m Debdip, from aboutechnical. Before I tell you, it is not that easy as I defined inside the introduction. You want to do a little work, however, believe me, the method I’ll describe you in this article is the perfect one and absolutely everyone can do. You need one mobile phone, and an Instagram account.

make money on Instagram
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The 2 Ways to Get Paid on Instagram

Since Instagram became public more people use it than Twitter. If you are a regular user of Instagram, you are in good company, of the more than 600 million people who use the app on a monthly basis, over 200 million of them earn money through Instagram. In fact, that number has increased more than ten-fold since Instagram opened its payments to businesses, and is now equivalent to 30% of the company’s entire business, or $250 million. What’s more, Instagram announced that it is rolling out its payments feature to all users. On the face of it, all you have to do is become an Instagram user, and someone with the money and marketing know-how can pay you to create a product or to have a company show you advertising. Sounds simple? It is. Unfortunately, it’s not.

Make Money from Instagram by Posting Stories

Writing a post on Instagram is like writing a poem. Don’t be scared of grammatical mistakes. In fact, the only problem is that you may not know the perfect How to Start Blogging About Instagram: Tips for Writers make of pictures. As you get to know more about pictures, you will become creative. You will learn to combine good pictures with words. The thing is that most Instagrammers are tired of boring stories so, they like to show something interesting. They always say things with a picture, unlike some people who always say things using words. such difference, what they saying with words and what they saying with pictures… it’s always good!

How to Create attrective post to earn Money

Now the question is, how you could create such a post that gives you a high engagement rate. suppose, you want to create a post with some famous quotes with images. Now you can ask me I do not know any quotes. I don’t want to look and find and anything I don’t know how to get free images.

Don’t fear I’ll tell you a way to create Instagram posts effortlessly so that you can earn money on Instagram. What you need to do sincerely is to go to Canva. It’s totally free, you do not need to purchase any plan. Go there and create a layout something you need and click to publish on Instagram. Here you can optimize your photos and can create the best image for your Instagram post. What we are going to do here sincerely is go to pictures and pick a free image. And Well Canva has a mobile, so on your mobile, you could do all this.

Now you could tell me that wherein can I get those quotes. Well, you do not need to think a lot.

I will come up with a free website now to get hundreds or hundreds of free quotes to make to your profile. The website is brainyquote.Com right here you will find a lot of free quotes. Let’s say you want to add inspirational quotes. If you open this website, you will locate plenty of motivational quotes for free, you have to do just copy and paste them. And you could make it right here too on brainyquote, It additionally gives you a free picture but you could use Canva as I assume it’s miles, extra expert. So just copy the quotes you want, and paste them in Canva . you can customize the font and resize it. That’s it. Now you have got the image to post on our profile, definitely publish this photo in your profile.

What you will do is to publish as a minimum 3or 4, times in a day for your profile, something that people beings love to get some engagement in your profile so that you will get a high engagement rate. So later on when you need to submit a sponsored picture, the charge could be better and you could earn more money when you have better engagement in your profile.

If you have your own idea you can use whatever you want just be sure to post every day like three, four, or five to get a high engagement on your Instagram profile.

Choose low competition hashtag

After creating a post, you have to research for the hashtag. Sometimes you will find for some hashtags have more than a million posts, so it is very hard to rank on this tag you have to get somehow low competition tags. So, to help you, I will tell you the site Flick, which is best for your account as a beginner starting to rank on easy hashtags so, So, go to the website & type your hashtag, Let’s say you want to post about quotes, so say “quotes” and click on find and you can see in like two seconds you will find a list of hashtags. You have to find only low-competition hashtags.

How to Make Money from Instagram with Sponsored Content

I know many of you, when I talk about money, you get scared. I will always advise you to start earning money online so you can enjoy your life. But now I am telling you how you can start earning money from Instagram. Of course, you don’t need to be an expert. I mean, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to know how to make money from Instagram.

Choose the type of ads. There are two main types of ads. The first one is branded ads. This is when you have your own products. For example, if you have a fancy clothing shop, you can use the same picture and description on your ads as you have on the website. The other one is sponsored ads. This one is the common one, like hashtags.

Find sponsorship to earn money

So, you can see how easy it is to start this business online with your mobile just using your Instagram profile, Now the question is How do I find sponsors How do I find people who want to post on my profile Just one important point before I tell you this. Don’t move your Instagram profile to an advertising directory or a profile full of ads, no, don’t post a story or photo for someone else every day No, keep things simple, let people like your content, you can probably do it once a week, maybe twice a week maybe three times per week but not every day or post something every day, just make things real and keep people engaged with your profile, later as you get more and more followers you can earn a lot more with just one post.

Now how can we find someone who might be interested in posting on your profile? How we can connect with other people. main methods using email, you can contact the mail targeted people Or, you can simply contact them on Instagram.


1. Create an Instagram account.

2. Make a profile name that you like. Don’t let someone else who will be aware of your account influence your profile.

3. Use the hashtag in the bio of your profile

4. Send a request to the businesses or brands you like to follow you

5. Do your profile search and send a request to the businesses or brands you like to follow you.

6. Follow these brands and all the products they will post.

7. Let them follow you back.

8. Like their photos.

9. Get back in touch with them and make an order for products you like.

If you are not yet sure about this strategy, you can check this blog to understand it better. Or you can ask me to explain it to you again.


So please do not worry from day one, how will you get your first advertisement. How do you promote someone? Right now, you just focus on improving your Instagram profile and try to get a high engagement rate. When you get a large number of followers, you will see that people will automatically contact you to promote his/her profile. So please don’t worry about it right now, just go and start from step one which creates posts daily and builds your profile on Instagram and you’ll see how you’ll be successful later on.

I’m here to answer your questions in the comments section, and if this article truly helps you, then please share it with your friends. Also please don’t forget to subscribe, to get every new update almost every day See you later.

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