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how to use whatsapp web


whatsapp was originally launched as a chat client for mobile phones. in 2016 they launched a mobile browser version of the service, i.e. you can use your phone or tablet to browse whatsapp. but if you want to use it on a bigger screen like a PC or a laptop, then you need to use a desktop app. which is exactly the point why I decided to show you how to use whatsapp for web.

How to Install Whatsapp Web on a PC/Laptop/Mac OS:

You can download it from whatsapp.com which is a link to whatsapp’s official website. From there you go to the download section & can download and install the app on your PC.

how to install whatsapp web

If you don’t want to download the app you can go to the Whatsapp web section & can connect your device easily.

Setting up WhatsApp Web for the First Time

After download & install the app. for the first time you will need to enable internet connection in your whatsapp on Windows. And then you need to open the app on windows. There you can find a QR code to link the device with your phone. You have to simply follow the instruction.

You will need to click on the little settings icon in the top right corner of the app on your phone. Once you are in the settings page. Go to the “Linked device” button. Then point your phone to the screen to capture the code. & You can connect your WhatsApp on windows.

whatsappweb application

If you don’t want to download app simply you can go to the whatsapp web section and repeat the same procedure to connect WhatsApp web on your mobile.

How to Send Messages in WhatsApp Web

The good thing about WhatsApp is that you can send message to your friends or contacts while using your android phone as you are connected to the internet. Messages for WhatsApp Web can be sent to friends even when your mobile phone has no mobile data connection. Quick Settings Access in WhatsApp Web By pressing and holding a Whatsapp Web notification icon on your phone’s home screen you will see “Quick settings” app. After a couple of seconds, WhatsApp Web will open and you will be able to access Quick Settings panel just like you have on your mobile phone. Send a Video Message And you can share your video message through Whatsapp Web in the same way that you can send regular SMS. From a drop-down menu select whether you want to send a video message or a photo.

How to Share Photos, Videos, and Documents on WhatsApp Web

You can easily share photos, videos, and documents using WhatsApp Web. You can just select the file you want to wedge and drag and drop it to whom you want to share your photos or videos.


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