Best Blogging niches that make money 2021

Do you want to make money out of blogging? Sure, there are hundreds and thousands of bloggers out there who are currently making a living out of their blogs!

Your blog is just like an online business. The long hours of digital labor behind the screen will come to fruition once you start getting the revenue flowing in your blog.

However, all of it comes down to your traffic. If you do not attract a lot of traffic to your blog, there are no chances you could make a single penny out of it!

One of the most important choices you need to make before you start your blogging journey is to choose the most profitable niche for blogging which will bring the audience and the revenue to your blog. Selecting a suitable blogging niche will help narrow your focus to a specific target audience, become an expert, and faceless competition in the world of blogging.

On that note, we have created a complete list of the best blogging niche ideas 2021 that will make all your time and efforts spent on blogging completely worth it! Let’s check them out.

Health and Fitness

The health and fitness space has been a goldmine for bloggers since 2019, and the hype has never reduced. With people searching for fitness advice, healthy recipes, and wellness tips every day, this is indeed a profitable blogging niche in 2021.

However, you need to be an expert in this niche and cannot start with a half-hearted mind since you will be guiding your audience who trust you on their health, which is a significant responsibility. You may have to upload your credentials and authority while setting up your health and fitness website to build trust within your audience.

Even though the competition rates may slightly go higher here, you will not have much problem generating revenue from this niche.

There are plenty of affiliate programs and other ways of generating money as a health and fitness blogger. Online coaching and selling online fitness programs are a fantastic monetization idea that works great with this niche.

Also, the list of micro niches is enormous here. Hence, you can never really run out of topics with this niche.

Blog Micro Niche ideas:

  • Health problems like digestive health, arthritis, hair loss, diabetes, etc.
  • Diets like low sodium, diabetes diet, Okinawa diet, keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc
  • Supplements
  • Mental health wellness like meditation, yoga, etc
  • Herbal
  • Reproductive health
  • Fitness exercises like weight training, weight loss, pilates, CrossFit, etc.


Personal Finance

From budgeting to increasing your credit score and investing in the right stocks. Not everybody talks about finance, but most of them read about it! In a blogging income survey, personal finance has dominated the affiliate marketing space. Hence, there is no doubt; you can build high traffic and revenue out of it.

If you are also looking for some highest-paying blog niches, personal finance could be your ultimate shot since nobody can survive without money. Everybody needs financial advice, and this niche will be evergreen no matter what’s happening around the world.

From credit cards to cash back programs, the choices of affiliate offers are immense with personal finance.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Budgeting
  • Personal finance for beginners
  • Frugalism
  • Minimalism
  • Retirement
  • Financial independence
  • Personal accounting


Mommy Blogs

Isn’t this the beauty of blogging? You can start at any age and from any geographic location. The “mommy blogs” or parenting niche has been taking over the internet for the past decade.

You can find multiple parenting blogs run by working or stay-at-home moms. Essentially, to start writing in this niche, you should have ample ideas and knowledge about it to educate your readers. Even better, if you have kids, you can share your experiences that will help other mommies!

Starting from cutting back costs for the kid’s future to training them the first few steps and the kids diet. The range of topics under this niche you can cover is again endless.

Considering monetization, you can choose between display ads, affiliate incomes, sponsored posts, and so much more.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Stay at home work opportunities
  • Kids travel
  • Guide for new parents
  • Pregnancy


Online Business/Digital Marketing

Another easy and profitable niche for blogging includes online business or digital marketing. There are multiple people and businesses out there who are willing to spend money to learn how to earn money online and market their products. Needless to say, digital marketing has a very high potential for both B2B and B2C industries, wherein most of it revolves around marketing their products and services to the targeted audience.

This trending niche for blogs can quickly transform your entire blogging journey in no time due to the availability of high-paying affiliate programs! You can help people build their online business, market it the right way, and offer tips to explode their revenue metrics!

Fun fact: You can also help them start their own blog as a part of starting an online business. This is a great move used by most digital marketing bloggers and can yield you great profits too.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online businesses
  • Seo and marketing solutions



Being one of the top profitable niches for blogging, you can never go wrong with this niche if you have the right knowledge. It taps into creativity and self-expression, which is not very common. Hence, if you get frequent compliments on your personal style, you may already have what it takes to be a fashion blogger!

An amazing perk of being a fashion blogger is the opportunity to work with high-end brands or even launch your own fashion line down the lane. The possibilities are limitless here.

You can do sponsored posts, affiliate programs(amazon affiliates are one of the most popular choices), influencer marketing, and many more for monetization.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Fashion news
  • Fashion trends
  • Street fashion
  • Lookbooks
  • Thrifting



Be it 2010, 2020, 2030, or even the next decade. Food blogging is here to stay and thrive. With so many food bloggers out there, you may need to work slightly extra hard to get noticed, but once you start getting the traction, there is no going back.

Most of the popular love to eat and are core foodies. Considering the count, you can create amazing food blogs that can easily attract an audience. If you are a professional chef or someone who loves to cook, this blogging niche idea 2021 is your ideal choice.

You can start by posting unique recipes or start exploring different delicacies of the world.

With the pandemic setting in since 2020, food blogs have been highly trendy since people are mostly quarantined and resort to cooking tasty dishes at their homes referring to food blogs.

Some ways to monetize this lucrative niche are display ads, affiliate links(to utensils, ingredients, etc.), selling recipe ebooks, sponsored posts, etc.

Pro tip: As we said, it gets slightly tough to stand out in this niche. Hence, you can start with tools or strategies like search engine optimization Yoast, tailwind, Pinterest marketing, etc., to boost your blogs.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Budget meals
  • Paleo diet
  • Wine and spirits
  • Baking and pastries
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Vegan recipes



Another low competition blogging niche idea 2021 includes Education. Education is not just limited to schools. You can go as high as post-doctorates or even further as per your expertise.

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of this niche is the lump sum expenses of getting higher degrees which is pretty standard in most of the countries around the world.

You can get many advertisers and affiliate offers from different educational institutes or spaces with massive CPAs(cost per acquisition).

You can also start with Amazon affiliate links for products to help students and teachers survive their days.

If you do not want to open a finance blog but still want to share knowledge about it with your audience, you can do that with your education blog. Topics like refinancing student loans, opening student bank accounts, paying off student debts can cover both education and finance together.

Blog micro niche ideas:

  • Study hacks
  • College reviews
  • Homeschooling tips
  • Test and examination reviews
  • College news


Final Thoughts

While the list can go on for the complete day, you need to figure which of the blogging niche ideas 2021 suit your interests and passion. The internet is filled with millions and billions of blogs, and you do not want to start a blog you are not passionate about just for the sake of money. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to choose a profitable blogging niche you care about and have knowledge about. This way, you can bring the best content for your audience and build your authority over time. Hence, start your self-assessment today, choose the best blogging niche idea, and get started with your blogging journey soon!

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